Dialogue with Aroma

(Couple and single experience classes are available)
Do you know your partner/family and besties well?
Do aromatherapists often use lavender essential oil? Is an aromatherapist just responsible for mixing essential oils?

[Dialogue with Aroma] Aromatherapy therapists take you into the world of aromatherapy and guide you step by step to understand each other's needs. They can also prepare exclusive essential oils for your partners/family members and best friends.

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Other Soulworks


    Talk with "IT" in the Heaven

    The death of the furry child does not mean that it has left this world, but that its mission has been completed and it has gone to heaven to play. As an owner, it is unbearable to face the fact that our furry child has left, but it is also a necessary stage of life and death that we must learn.

    Resin is used during the workshop to preserve the hair, ashes or nails of the furry children, allowing the owners to say goodbye to them for the last time and allowing the owners to get over the moment of grief.

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    Give Yourself A Gift

    Have you ever had any regrets?
    Is there anything you want to say to your past self? Are you satisfied with who you are now?
    Who do you want to be in the future?

    Let’s make 3 small gifts together for our past, present and future selves!

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    Live at the Present Moment

    Everyone knows how to live in the present, but how many people can actually do it? Life is like a drama, drama is like life. You need to seize opportunities in life. You have missed many opportunities. Have you ever reflected on them?

    How much of the true meaning of "Living at the present moment" can be understood in the "Carpe Diem" board game?

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    My Blooming Self

    Want to experience floriculture but don’t know where to start? Have you ever thought about all the hard work you have done in your life to give yourself a box of flowers?

    The floral designer explores floral arrangements with you, completes your flower box with an attitude of appreciation and gratitude, and dedicates it to your blooming self.

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    Preserve a Beautiful Moment

    Flowers are most perfect when they bloom, but flowers bloom sometimes and cannot bloom beautifully forever, just as the most brilliant moments in life can never stay long.

    We will first seal the flowers to make dried flowers, and then teach you how to use resin to make different decorations to preserve the most beautiful moment.

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  • Enjoy Spirits by Senses

    In addition to drinking spirits, can you also have fun like this?

    You may already know that Whisky is matured from barrels, but do you know how GIN is made? In addition to drinking GIN, can it also be made into perfume?

    Use your sense of smell, touch and sight to taste Scotland’s Ultra Premium Gin! Salute!

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What is the difference between Soulwork and other workshops?

Compared with other workshops, Soulwork is more about inner exploration and self-appreciation.

Learn to cherish, be grateful and appreciate in different series of Soulworks, explore and grow yourself together.

Are there any discounts for two people joining together?

Yes! Each soulwork will provide a discount for two people! Playing with friends/partners is more fun!