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The Hubble Studio

Gift to Yourself|Soulwork

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Have you ever had any regrets?
Is there anything you want to say to your past self?
Are you satisfied with who you are now?
What kind of person do you want to be in the future?

Through "Gift to Yourself" Soulwork, you can have a deep understanding of your past, present and future self. Under the leadership of a Korean candle master, you can learn to use different techniques and wax materials to make 3 candles for yourself, color and infuse them. Fragrance, learn to appreciate letting go and look forward to the future.

Let’s make 3 small gifts together for our past, present and future selves!

Activity time: 1.5 hours

Maximum number of people: 6 people

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    Gift to Yourself|Soulwork
    Gift to Yourself|Soulwork


    Learn from our past attachments and let go of them
    Learn to understand what you are pursuing now
    Learn to understand what you are pursuing and looking forward to a different life in the future

    The entire process will be led by a Korean candle maker.
    Let everyone learn to use a variety of wax materials to make candles.
    Choose and mix your own scent and color.
    This activity fee includes instructor fees, packaging, all wax materials and raw material costs.

    Each participant receives three 69g candles, packaging boxes, and paper bag.


    Soulwork by THE HUBBLE STUDIO



    Soulwork by THE HUBBLE STUDIO