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  • Pet-Friendly Product

    90% of our products could be used with pets.

  • Quality Ingredients

    UK therapeutic essential oils are used in our products instead of extracts.

    All ingredients are imported from the UK, Korea and USA.

  • Handmade in Hong Kong

    Products are 100% made in Hong Kong with refined craftsmanship and R&D.

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Testimonials from Customers

  • "Essential Oil Reception Service are great and creative!My wife and I had a wonderful wedding! The arrangement was very good and the guests were very satisfied"

    Customer of Wedding Souvenir - Kelvin K.

  • “Other brands of candles give me such a headache and artificially scented scents are too strong, THS Mr. Midnight candles give me a good night's sleep, support!”

    Customer of Skincare Candle - Kole C.

  • "Natural! Your blend of Solution essential oils soothes my eczema."

    Customer of Essential Oil - Winni W.

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