Brand Story

Our Vision

Redesign - Explore - Persevere - Love

The Origin

The Hubble Studio (THS) has been established in Hong Kong since May 2020. Our name was inspired by the Hubble Space Telescope, which is the world's first space-based optical telescope and has accomplished over 1.3 millions space observations, inspiring the mankind.


The Hubble Studio believes redesigning new styles of products and collections could provide extraordinary experience to our customers with exceptional quality and functions.


Our vision is creating exceptional experience for our customers by focusing on redesigning the functionality of products. All products are R&D by our founders and teams by applying multi-disciplinary concepts and theories. We have re-engineered the formula of candles, introducing skincare properties to all our skincare candles. We are the First brand to make skincare candle in Hong Kong, reshaping the concepts of candle in the industry.

Endless Love

The Hubble Studio is a philosophy. We discover the nature of human is originated from Love. Everything surrounded us are bounded by Love. Through experiencing love, sharing love, and influencing others by love, we could feel the joy of being surrounded by love every day.


Chloe, one of the founders, dives into the handmade discipline because of her grandpa who suffered itchy skin due to the progression of renal failure. Although her grandpa was approaching the final stage in his life, she decided to learn and drill in making handmade soap for her grandpa to alleviate the itchiness. Fortunately, Chloe could still take care her grandpa until the final moments to show the love to her grandpa. With no doubt, she becomes the member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists Level 3 & 4 qualified by TQUK & HKMS 2020 and KCCA 2020.


Despite the passage of grandpa, she decided to extend her love by officially stepping in another discipline of handmade and share her thoughts to other customers who want to express their cares and sincerity by handmade products. By considerable bombardment of ideas, she combines the existing knowledge of soap-making and candle-making and introduces the first 12 Horoscopes Skincare Candles to the Hong Kong market, symbolising love by nourishing your skin with a pair of caring hands.