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We are a local handmade brand, adhering to the craftsman spirit of returning to nature, finding the true self for every customer.

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The story about The Hubble Studio, a local scented candle brand dedicated to bringing you a unique experience

We have been operating in the industry for three years. Over the past three years, our journey has not been smooth, and we have faced various challenges, including operational difficulties and legal issues. However, we persevered and never gave up. This is the spirit of our brand.

Our team is passionate and talented, and we share not only a deep love for aroma research, but also a passion for creating high-quality products. We select high-quality raw materials and pair them with carefully designed scents to create unique and captivating products that create a warm and peaceful atmosphere in your space.

We firmly believe that candlelight can bring peace of mind and peace to people. Therefore, we strive to create professional and unforgettable products to satisfy your candlelight pursuits.

THS was established in 2020 and is committed to providing guests with physical, mental and spiritual services.

THS's belief is to develop and design a range of innovative products. We are committed to designing our own products with modern and traditional concepts and selecting high-quality plant extracts, essential oils and raw materials to heal the body and mind of every customer. All formulas are designed by international IFPA aromatherapists and Korean certified candle makers and are absolutely safe. We have the professional knowledge to introduce and select the most suitable THS products for you.

THS Product Philosophy and Guidelines

The Integration of Body, Mind & Spirits. The Holistic Perspective of Living

Holistic Therapy

From the traditional Chinese herbal remedies of the past to the present era of advanced technology, the pursuit of quick and simple medical treatments has often overlooked the inherent internal issues and health of the individual.

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