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Aries Skincare Candle | Pet-Friendly

【Halloween Engraving Limited Edition|Random Style|Until 31/10 23:59】

A hint of white jasmine with the refreshing lemon enriches the scent

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清淡 持久

Date Ref.: 21st March - 19th April

Scent: Refreshing Fruit

Top: Subtle and Refreshing California Lemon

Middle: Grassy and Herbal Notes with a Hint of White Jasmine

Base: A Stable Musky Note

Can be scrapped out directly to moisturise your skin with direct application.

Suitable to use on sensitive skin, even whose skin may suffer dermatitis 

100% Handmade in Hong Kong. No Paraffin Wax, Chemical Diffusants & Artificial Oils.


Rice Bran Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Soy Wax

100% IFRA Certificated Fragrance Oils
(California Lemon, Kaffir Lime, Bergamot, White Jasmine,Greenery, Sun-dried Cotton, Musk)

This ingredient list is subject to change. Before use, please refer to the product label for the most accurate information.


100g:6.2 cm (Dia.) x 6.3 cm (H)
200g:7.2 cm (Dia.) x 9.3 cm (H)

388g:10 cm (Dia.) x 10 cm (H)
488g:13 cm (Dia.) x 7.8 cm (H)


Directly scrape the skincare candle and apply on your body, then massage.


After lighting up the candle for a while, snuff it out and situate for 1-2 minutes. Then, pour over the melted skincare oil on the body for massage.

Product Care

Trim the wax wick to 1 cm before each use.

While lighting up, gently turn the candle left and right so that the skin care oil on the candle surface is evenly distributed on the surface of the candle to prevent forming "candle tunnel".

Avoid continuous burning for more than 2 hours to prevent the container from overheating.

During lighting, do place the candle on a heat-resistant surface.

Burning Hours

100g:20-30 hours
200g:50-60 hours

388g:~100 hours
488g:~130 hours

    Aries Skincare Candle | Pet-Friendly
    Aries Skincare Candle | Pet-Friendly
    Aries Skincare Candle | Pet-Friendly
    Aries Skincare Candle | Pet-Friendly
    Aries Skincare Candle | Pet-Friendly
    Aries Skincare Candle | Pet-Friendly

    As a Skincare Oil

    Exclusive formula, skincare oil containing natural jojoba, sweet almond and rice bran oil, can be quickly absorbed by the skin. It can be scraped directly from the surface of the candle and applied to the skin surface without lighting it up. After gentle massage, the skincare oil will melt into the skin and directly moisturize the skin.

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